Mayor's Biography

Mayor Jim Diodati

Jim Diodati is the mayor of the City of Niagara Falls, Canada. He is a life-long entrepreneur and leads with a passion that is relentless. Having established, owned and operated several successful businesses before being elected mayor in 2010, he has used his unrivaled innovative style of 'politainment' as he calls it, as he reinvents what it is to be mayor. He has been at the helm for critical change-driving projects which have forever transformed the face of the City and will leave a legacy for generations of people.

Prior to the last election in 2018, Mayor Jim was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and underwent extensive chemotherapy over the course of that year. His strong track record of past achievements, a dedicated team, close knit family & friends and overwhelming support from the community saw him through to another term, in which he found himself leading the community through the challenging and critical times of the COVID pandemic.

In the face of adversity, Jim has been known to carve a path where there wasn't one before. He believed so strongly in things like GO Train coming to Niagara Falls, building a new South Niagara Hospital and putting a University Hub in downtown Niagara Falls, that he just kept leading the way and bringing people together until they became a reality.

His unparalleled zest for life is no more evident than when in the company of his family. He has 3 children - Olivia, Mya and Jimmy.