Trillium Program Nomination Forms

NOTE: Nominations for the 2021 season are closed.

All property owners, whether residential, commercial or even industrial are welcome to participate...and it's free!  Residents may nominate their own property or other properties they feel would like to be involved.  Keep in mind though, permission should be granted from property owners. Once nominated, property owners will be informed by mail or email that their property will be assessed by the Trillium Sub-Committee which is made up of environmental and horticultural industry professionals and advocates.  

Property assessment will be of curbside landscaping from the nearest public roadway (backyards excluded).  The Trillium Sub-Committee will assess each property utilizing a scoring matrix that was developed by Darryl Bley, Instructor with the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture.  Criteria includes: Principles of Design, Turf, Plants, Hardscaping Features, Unique Features, and Environmental Issues.

Nomination forms are to be submitted online (coming soon).  The deadline to submit a nomination form each year is July 1st by 4:00 p.m.  If you cannot submit your nomination form online, please call the Recreation and Culture Department at 905-356-7521 ext. 3330 for assistance.

NOTE: The Trillium Sub-Committee will be visiting all nominated properties on Thursday, July 15 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to take pictures.  Actual assessments will take place a week later by review of pictures taken earlier.  We suggest that you keep your garage doors closed and try not to park along the roadway in front of the property to allow for best viewing and pictures.