Culture Hub/Farmers Market Branding, Operating & Business Plan

  • Planning And Design
  • In Progress

Project Description

The Cultural Hub/Farmers’ Market Operating Plan and Business Plan will consult with the steering committee, local stakeholders, and organizations with similar operations to determine operations, cost of operations and the business plan direction. This will be for a facility that will become a centre of cultural activity in the community by creating shared spaces where the community can come together and create. The committee presented the detailed plan with a Class B costing for the facility on April 9, 2019. The Council provided support for the project to move forward with the project and prepare the tendering package.

View the associated link for more information: Culture Hub/Farmers Market Branding, Operating & Business Plan link


  • Assisting with the mandate, vision, principles
  • Determining the administrative and financial costs to operate such a facility.
  • Determining the business operations of the facility once up and running.
  • Identifying local partners and providing direction on the legal documentation required to ensure effective operation of this exciting project.

Project Cost


Project Schedule

Anticipation that ground breaks in early 2020 for a mid-summer or early fall opening in 2021.

Project Contact

Clark Bernat
Culture & Museums Manager
905-356-7521 ext. 5906