Columbaria Installation at Fairview Cemetery

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Project Description

Fairview Cemetery is home to a large Columbarium Garden aptly named Maple Grove. In the Cemetery Services Delivery Review, presented in 2012, it was recommended that continued development of the Columbarium Garden would offer visitors options for the disposition of their loved one's cremated remains. Presently, options available to families are limited as the existing columbaria quickly fill. As such, Cemetery Services is once again proposing to install one new 72 niche domed columbarium and associated landscaping in 2019, with additional units being installed on a bi-annual basis in order to remain ahead of the continued growth of cremation vs. full body interments. At the current prices, the sale of 72 columbarium niches, results in nearly 200% return on investment (i.e. $75,000 invested results in approximately $144,000 of niche sales).

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Project Schedule

Summer 2019

Project Contact

Mark Richardson
Manager of Cemeteries Services
905-356-7521 ext 5301

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