Notice of Remote Electronic Public Meeting (AM-2021-011)


A zoning by-law amendment application has been submitted to permit the conversion of the existing dwelling into a triplex dwelling. 

The land is zoned Deferred Tourist Commercial (DTC) by Zoning By-law 79-200.  The applicant is requesting to place the land shown on the submitted sketch under a site specific Residential Mixed (R3) zone to permit: a reduced minimum lot area for a triplex dwelling, a reduced minimum lot frontage for a triplex dwelling on an interior lot, a reduced minimum front yard depth, a reduced minimum interior side yard width, an increase in the maximum lot area which can be used as a surface parking area, and an increase in the maximum area of a rear yard that can be used as a parking area.

Digital copies of plans and documents submitted with the application may be obtained on the Planning Department Current Applications webpage.

Public Meeting Date

8/10/2021 1:00:00 PM

Public Meeting Location

Via Electronic Meeting

Posting Dates

7/12/2021 to 8/10/2021