City Warns Residents of Sump Pump Installation Scam


NIAGARA FALLS, ON – A concern brought to our attention claiming City of Niagara Falls employees are contacting residents to offer sump pump and back water valve replacement at full cost and requesting an inspection of private backyards.

The City has received several reports of such nature, with false representatives attempting to arrange appointments with residents over the phone.

Be advised, the City has no association with the group, does not offer such program and does not conduct residential inspections in such a way.

Under the City’s WRAP program, residents are required to submit an application before a City employee would be in contact to schedule an appointment for an initial inspection.

Information on City’s WRAP program can be found at

Under current Provincial RED Zone Covid protocols, City of Niagara Falls employees are required to contact the property owners and conduct an over the phone assessment prior to booking an inspection appointment. The same assessment would take place with the homeowner prior to City employee entering residential property.

If a City employee is required to enter your household, they will provide proper identification and will be driving in a vehicle clearly marked as The City of Niagara Falls. If proper identification is not offered, residents are encouraged to request to view it before granting access to their home. 

Those with safety concerns can contact the Niagara Regional Police at 905-688-4111. In addition, residents can also contact the City's Municipal Works Department at 905-356-1355.


    Posting Dates

    3/17/2021 to 4/30/2021