Notice of Application and Remote Electronic Public Meeting (AM-2019-022)


The applicant is seeking planning approvals that would permit dwellings on 5 satellite properties to be used as satellite tourist accommodation for the existing Inn located on 5359 River Road.  The affected lands (Inn property and the 5 satellite properties) are shown on the location map to the right. Further details of the subject properties are shown on the attached notice.

5359 River Road is designated Residential and Special Policy Area No. 32, which permits an Inn with up to 12 rooms for tourists.  The other 5 properties subject to this application are designated Residential and part of the River Road Satellite District, which, in addition to residential uses, permits bed and breakfasts and alternative accommodations of that nature.  The applicant is requesting an amendment to the Special Policy Area designation to permit related accommodations to be provided on the satellite properties.

5359 River Road is zoned Residential Two (R2-1010) in accordance with By-law No. 79-200, as amended by By-law No. 2015-51 with site specific regulations permitting an Inn with a maximum of 12 rooms for tourists.  The remaining 5 properties subject are zoned Residential Two (R2-2) with area specific regulations that permit a bed and breakfast with up to 4 rooms for tourists.  The applicant is requesting site specific provisions be applied to the lands that will permit dwellings on the 5 satellite properties to be used as satellite tourist accommodation (with up to 26 guest rooms on the 5 properties) for the Inn located on 5359 River Road and to recognize existing site conditions on these properties.

Digital copies of plans and documents submitted with the application may be obtained at

Public Meeting Date

2/9/2021 4:30:00 PM

Public Meeting Location

Remote Electronic via

Posting Dates

1/11/2021 to 2/9/2021