Notice of Application and Remote Electronic Public Meeting (AM-2020-006)


The applicant has submitted an application to amend Zoning By-law No. 79-200. The applicant is proposing to rezone the Lands located at 7067 Kalar Road from a site specific Residential 1E Density (R1E-468) to a site specific Neighbourhood Commercial (NC-469) to allow for the parking area to be used in conjunction with the commercial plaza located on Block 126 and 7107 Kalar Road. The site specific requirement for the minimum landscape open space will increase from 15 % to 20 % with this proposal. Two minor variance approvals to permit the maximum height of the building from 8 m to 12.6 m for the architectural features of the plaza (parapets and cupolas) and the maximum floor area of a commercial unit from 230 square metres to 430 square metres will be recognized in the zoning amendment.

The proposal will also require a deeming by-law as part of the zoning amendment to merge 7107 Kalar Road, Block 126 and 7067 Kalar Road.

Digital copies of plans and documents submitted with the application may be obtained at

Public Meeting Date

10/27/2020 4:30:00 PM

Public Meeting Location

Remote Electronic via

Posting Dates

9/29/2020 to 10/28/2020