Notice of Remote Committee of Adjustment Meeting (A-2020-032)


The applicant is proposing to demolish the existing attached garage and breezeway and construct a two storey addition that includes a double garage and living space. The applicant is also constructing a new roofed over patio at the front of the dwelling. Where Willoughby By-law No. 395/99 requires a side yard of 12 feet (3.65 metres), a side yard of 6.3 feet (1.92 metres) is proposed. A variance of 5.7 feet (1.73 metres) is requested. In addition, where a minimum front yard of 75 feet (22.86 metres) is required, front yards of 51.24 feet (15.62 metres) to the proposed attached garage and covered front patio and 57.4 feet (17.5 metres) to the existing dwelling are proposed. Variances of 23.76 (7.24 metres) and 17.6 feet (5.36 metres) respectively, are being requested.

For further details of the application, including the application form and drawings, refer to the Planning Section.

Posting Dates

9/10/2020 to 9/23/2020