Notice of Remote Committee of Adjustment Meeting (A-2020-030)


The applicant is proposing to construct 113 townhouse dwelling units, contained within 26 blocks on the subject property Site specific By-law No. 2019-001 requires a minimum lot area of 530 square metres for each dwelling unit, whereas a lot area of 453.9 square metres is proposed. A variance of 76.1 square metres is requested. In addition, where the site specific by-law requires a minimum building setback from a private lane for a dwelling to be 4.5 metres, a setback of 2.5 metres from unit 44 is proposed. A variance of 2 metres is requested.

For further details of the application, including the application form and drawings, refer to the Planning Section.

Posting Dates

9/10/2020 to 9/23/2020