Notice of Remote Committee of Adjustment Meeting (A-2020-028)


The applicant is proposing to construct two, 82-unit apartment dwellings and 11 stacked townhouse dwellings (apartment dwellings) comprising of 148 dwelling units on the subject property. The proposed development will contain a total of 312 residential units. The applicant is requesting relief from several regulations of site-specific By-law No. 2013-126. Where the by-law requires a minimum interior side yard width 7 metres from any other property and 12 metres separation from any two apartment dwellings, interior side yards of 5.34 metres (on the south property line) and 3 metres (between the stacked townhouses) are proposed. Variances of 1.66 metres and 9 metres are requested. Furthermore, where the by-law requires the maximum height of a building or structure within an area measured beyond 74 metres from the north lot line to be no more than 12 metres, a height of 13.2 metres from the top of the roof terrace is proposed. A variance of 1.2 metres is requested. Lastly, where the by-law limits the maximum number of apartment dwellings to 5, 13 apartment dwellings are proposed. A variance to allow 8 additional apartment dwellings is requested.

For further details of the application, including the application form and drawings, refer to the Planning Section.

Posting Dates

9/10/2020 to 9/23/2020