Notice of Revised Application and Remote Electronic Public Meeting (AM-2019-004)


The applicant has submitted an application to subdivide a 77.9 hectare parcel of land on the north side of Chippawa Parkway, east of Dorchester Road, into 7 blocks for dwellings, 1 block for mixed use, 2 blocks for open space, 4 blocks for environmental protection, 2 blocks for utility services, 1 block (Block 17) designated as other lands owned by the applicant and not proposed for development at this time, as well as blocks for road widening. The residential blocks are to be further subdivided through plans of condominium. Up to 1045 dwelling units are proposed to be developed, however, the final unit count will be determined at the time of plan of condominium submission. Refer to Schedule 1 for details of the proposed subdivision.

The applicant has also submitted an application to amend Zoning By-law No. 79-200 (AM-2019-004). The land is zoned General Industrial (GI and GI-32), in part, and Open Space (OS-611), in part, in accordance with By-law No. 79-200, as amended by Bylaw Nos. 1981-179 and 2003-046. The applicant is requesting the zoning of the residential blocks to be changed to two separate site specific Residential Low Density, Grouped Multiple Dwellings zones (R4) based on density and building height. One site specific R4 zone is requested to permit a community centre and a limited range of commercial uses. The applicant is also requesting the mixed use block be changed to Neighbourhood Commercial (NC), the zoning of park blocks be changed to Open Space (OS), the zoning of the environmental blocks be changed to Environmental Protection Area (EPA) and the zoning of the other lands owned by the applicant be changed to Development Holding (DH) and EPA to prevent development of these lands.

Posting Dates

9/4/2020 to 10/7/2020