Notice of Passing of Zoning By-law No. 2020-67


The purpose of By-law No. 2020-67 is to recognize a semi-detached dwelling on the lands at 5339-5341 Bridge Street with a site specific Residential Two Density (R2) Zone.  The site specific provisions accommodated through the amending by-law include the recognition of the existing lot area (412 m2), lot frontage (12m), front yard depth (6m plus 9.9m from the centerline of Bridge Street), interior side yard (1m) and driveway width (10m).

By-law No. 2020-67 is in conformity with the City of Niagara Falls Official Plan and is not subject to an amendment to the Official Plan.

Posting Dates

7/20/2020 to 8/7/2020