Snowplowing Operation

Notice Ended

This notice has expired and is no longer current.

Effective Dates

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 until Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Snowplow Operation

Status Updates

Tue, Jan 18, 2022 4:34 PM

Municipal crews continue to tackle the volume of snow left from Monday's winter event.  Crews that began at midnight will stand down and return at midnight tonight to conduct another full scale plowing operation.  Currently 10 plow operators and 5 loaders are continuing in areas that require a first snow plow pass.  This is approximately 15-20% of the residential streets throughout the City.  Parked vehicles on the roads continue to be challenge for our operators as the plow trucks cannot maneuver the narrow roadway.


All mainlines are open and passable.  Arterial Roads are being widened to assist our Transit system and emergency service to make the full turn onto on and off the mainlines.


Contractor Loaders and City Loaders will continue this evening and overnight to open all roads within the City of Niagara Falls.


Sidewalk plowing routes will re-start at 5:00 am.  With all routes being covered.


Staff will assess residential roads after the plowing operation. Based upon conditions further operations will be planned and an update sent.


Residents are asked to stay clear from plowing equipment to allow them to safely perform this work. Also if possible not to park on the street as it may hinder clearing operations.


Residents who are traveling should check weather forecast before doing so and should leave additional time. When traveling drivers should exercise caution as they may encounter less than ideal road conditions.



Marianne Tikky, CRS-I    Manager of Roadways/Parks    Municipal Works    City of Niagara Falls