Cultural Hub & Farmers' Market

The Niagara Falls Exchange

Image of proposed new building on Main Street looking east.
Niagara Falls City Council’s 2015-2018 and 2019-2022 Strategic Priorities included a commitment to building and promoting a vibrant, sustainable city that supports an active, connected and creative community.  The Priorities identify both the revitalization of the Niagara Falls Farmers' Market, and fostering culture as key contributors to attracting and retaining talent, providing quality of life and supporting creative businesses as strategic objectives. The City of Niagara Falls Culture Plan expressed the desire for cultural intensification to create a vibrant and well planned city, and called for the development of an integrated, centralized cultural asset.

On August 11, 2020, after several years of study and planning, Niagara Falls City Council approved funding for the construction of the Niagara Falls Exchange, a new market and cultural hub designed by DTAH and located in the Main and Ferry neighbourhood. Construction is expected to begin in September 2020.

The new Niagara Falls Cultural Hub & Market will become a vibrant centre of activity in the community by providing shared spaces where artists, musicians, food vendors and patrons, and local businesses can come together and create. Located in the historic Main and Ferry district, it will include a large culture and market hall, café, artist studios, creative workshop and public washrooms surrounded by two multi-functional civic plazas that interconnect the flanking streets. The Market Hall, which will house the regularly scheduled Farmers’ Market, will be a space for other events that include music, theatre, lectures and other weekend markets.

Located adjacent to the Niagara Falls History Museum, the site is knit together with a design language that prioritizes an accessible public realm, and creates quality indoor and outdoor space that is durable, flexible, and sustainable.

The project name - Niagara Falls Exchange (NFX), speaks to the rich exchange of ideas and creativity that is anticipated to occur on site and between the arts and culture, food and farming communities of Niagara Falls.

This area has the potential to become the cultural and social heart of our community.

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