Cultural Hub & Farmers' Market

Vendors at the Farmers' Market

Kids being creative at the Farmers' Market
We are excited to begin discussing the needs of a new Cultural Hub and Farmers’ Market in the Main & Ferry Area of the City.  This new asset comes from two previous plans that identified needs of the community. The Culture Plan (June 2014) identified the need to develop a centralized facility for a range of arts and culture activities.   The study identified uses such as gallery space; commercial space; performance space; studio space; and related office and administrative space.  Likewise, the Farmers’ Market study (June 2008) identified the need for site redevelopment to create a more sustainable market and create a valuable cultural asset for the City in the Main & Ferry area.  The new facility may not house all of these functions, however, the study will identify the gaps that such a facility can address and how best to approach other gaps that do not fit this space. This plan can lead to a holistic approach in creating a vibrant facility that can meet the needs of the community.

The City has engaged the services of dtah to conduct community consultations with stakeholder groups and the community at large.  

The City held a public meeting on October 3rd to showcase four potential layouts and uses of the space.  This was livestreamed and was followed by feedback both at the meeting and online.

To have your say on the project, check out Let's Talk Niagara Falls

A 2nd public meeting will be held to reflect the community comments on the site.

2nd Public Meeting on the new Cultural Hub & Farmers’ Market & Cultural Forum
Niagara Falls History Museum
5810 Ferry Street
Tuesday, November 14 @ 7pm