Clerks Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2. How can I obtain a copy of a fire report?

    Whether you are an owner, tenant, neighbour or anyone looking for a copy of a fire report, a Freedom of Information request must be made to the Clerks Department at City Hall. The Niagara Falls Fire Department will not release any fire report regardless of the nature of the request without this processing being done.

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  • How do I report graffiti/vandalism?

    Graffiti and other types of vandalism found on City property should be reported to our Municipal Service Centre.  You can call or email our staff 24/7 at (905) 356-1355 or [email protected].  

    If the vandalized property belongs to another agency (e.g. a utility company,  the Niagara Parks Commission or MTO), the matter should be referred to the property owner.

    Graffiti on private property may be referred to Property Standards By-Law 2.7.7, which states:

    Exterior walls and their components shall be repaired of vandalism or other damage, including defacements by paint, inscriptions or other markings as well as broken windows.

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