Mayor Diodati's TV Show

Mayor Diodati on Television screen

Mayor Diodati’s community television segment, "Gettin' Chatty with Mayor Diodati", on “The Source,” offers insight into innovative city projects and interesting points that are on the minds of residents.  It explores some of the great ideas in the community, and all things happening in Niagara Falls!

The segment offers exciting twists, a punch of humour and most of all, is a lot of fun for Niagara residents to watch.  “It's a great venue to use, as one more way to get out there and talk to residents!  I’m looking forward to meeting people on the street and investigating things that are important to the people that call Niagara Falls home!" says Diodati. 

This trendy format features Mayor Jim Diodati as Niagara’s newest television reporter and host of this new community television piece.  The mayor is taking his questions to the street, and looks forward to bringing his voice into neighbourhoods and further connecting with Niagara residents!

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