Delegations and Appointments

"Delegation" means any person, group of persons, firm or organization, who is neither a Member of Council nor a member of City staff, and who is speaking to Council on an item on the agenda;

Requests for Delegations to Council shall be submitted in writing to the Clerk twenty-four (24) hours prior to the commencement of the Meeting.

 "Appointment" means a request to address Council on a matter not on the agenda, but must be related to Council;

Requests for Appointments shall be submitted in writing to the Clerk no later than seven (7) days before the date and time of the Meeting.

A maximum of five (5) Appointments shall be permitted per meeting

A written request for an Appointment to address Council shall include:

  1. the person’s name;
  2. address;
  3. telephone number;
  4. the name, address and telephone number of the person or organization the requester represents (if applicable); and
  5. a detailed brief of the topic to be discussed and the request/direction the presenter is seeking from Council.

A written Appointment request will form part of the official record of the proceedings of Council and will be considered to be a public document.

Delegations and Appointments shall be limited to not more than five (5) minutes to address Council, unless otherwise determined by Council.

Delegations and Appointments shall not be permitted on the following topics:

  1. labour relations;
  2. union negotiations;
  3. any employee relations;
  4. advertisements for products or services; and
  5. election campaigning.

Complete the Delegations and Appointments to Council Form to submit your information to the Clerk.