Cemetery Services Spring Clean-Up Day: April 27, 2024, Fairview Cemetery

Photo of a cemetery in Spring

Cemetery Services staff invite all cemetery users, visitors, and family members to our Annual Spring Clean Up Day on Saturday, April 27, 2024, from 8 am to 1 pm, at the Fairview Cemetery, located at 4501 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls.

Staff will be on hand to assist with the removal of overgrown trees and shrubs, deliver fresh soil for plot gardens and conduct a spring cleaning of our Municipal Cemeteries.

Remember, all wreaths and seasonal ornaments/flowers were to be removed from plots and gardens by April 1st of each year. Cemetery staff will remove and dispose of all remaining items thereafter.

Cemetery staff will also continue to remove By-law infractions related to overgrown shrubs and trees, oversized gardens, and improper lot decorations and borders (e.g., wire and/or plastic).

Questions or concerns? Call Fairview Cemetery at 905-354-4721

Posted on: 4/18/2024 10:34 AM - Category: In the News