Rear Yard Drainage Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I improve the drainage on my property?

    Roof drainage can add a significant amount of water to a property. It is recommenced to direct all down spouts to the front yard, a sufficient distance away from the building foundation in order for the roof flows to drain out to the road way.Sump Pumps, which remove foundation drainage, sometimes are pumped outside to ground level. In this case it is again recommended for them to be discharged to the front yards, a sufficient distance away from the building foundation.If you are experiencing drainage issues in relation to a neighbouring property, approach your neighbour and inform them of the problem. It may help to inform them that there is a problem that they may not know about.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Rear Yard Drainage

  • My neighbour has raised their grade, and it may affect or is affecting my property. Does the City have a By-law in place for this?

    No. The City of Niagara Falls does not have a By-law which would restrict a residential lot owner from re-grading their yards. However, if it is required, the City may provide technical assistance in order for a homeowner to deal with a current or potential grading issue.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Rear Yard Drainage

  • What is a Ditch?

    Ditches are typically natural narrow channels, or channels dug into earth, used for the conveyance of drainage or irrigation of land.Categories: Ditches and Swales, Municipal Works, Rear Yard Drainage

  • Will the City come on my property to fix my drainage?

    No. Private drainage matters are private. Engineering Services will offer advice on ways to solve private drainage matters, and the landowner can then decide whether or not they wish to proceed on their own with the work. The City will not initiate or finance the required work.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Rear Yard Drainage