Parking Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the Niagara Parks Commission and the City of Niagara Falls the same?


    The Niagara Parks Commission regulate parking near the falls itself and along the Niagara Parkway.  any parking passes,  parking lots, or tickets are separate from the City of Niagara falls and are not transferable.   

    Please visit for more information on the Niagara Parks CommissionCategories: Parking

  • Are the rates and times at the meters all the same in Niagara Falls?

    The meter rates and times vary from area to area and can change depending on the season or event. 

    please check the meter in your area to see what rates and times apply when parking. 

    please note there are a lot of private lot owners in Niagara Falls and separate from City run facilities. Categories: Parking

  • Can I park over the sidewalk?


    The bylaw restricts any obstruction of a pedestrian walkway, even partial and can result in a parking fine.Categories: Parking

  • Can I parking my car on the street overnight?


    The bylaw restricts parking from 2am to 6am  year round.   Categories: Parking

  • Do I have to pay for parking if I own a motorcycle


    All vehicles parking in metered areas require paid parking

    Metered parking is predominantly allocated by area and not individual parking stalls.   this means multiple motorcycles are not considered in one parking space and  all require payment

    Meters are Pay by Plate allowing the officer to see on their enforcement device that the plate has been paid up even if the stub cannot be displayed on the motorcycle.

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  • Do parking restrictions need signs?


    not all parking regulations are posted on signs.    

    The general rule for posted restrictions is when the regulation only relates to a specified area,  block or side of a street.  when the bylaw is in effect for the full city, signs are not posted.

    examples of this would be:

    No Parking 2am to 6am 

    No Parking longer than 12 hours

    No Parking with 1.5 meters of a drivewayCategories: Parking

  • Do you have a parking app?


    The City of Niagara Falls uses Honkmobile parking app.  The app provides parking payment through your smartphone at all on-street meters and metered lots.    This is a great thing to have if you are visiting or anticipate any delays returning to your car such as going to appointments, hospital emergencies and restaurants.  Additional time can be added from anywhere off your phone and help prevent a ticket

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  • If the meter is not working, can I park for free?


    It is recommended that you attempt to use another machine in the immediate area (or use the parking app  HONKMOBILE to pay for your parking)  or find alternate parking opportunities. 

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