Parking Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sit in the car in a disabled parking space with my disability permit visible while my family or friends go in the building for me?

    No. The person with the disability MUST exit the vehicle if occupying a spot designated for the use of someone with a disability. If the person with the valid permit remains in the vehicle, then the passenger is considered to be using the permit for personal use when they exit the automobile. If the person with the disability does not exit the vehicle then there is no need to be occupying the disabled parking space.Categories: Disabled Parking Permit, Parking

  • Can I use my Disability permit in an area signed as No Parking or No Stopping?

    No. The Disability permit does not allow parking in a restricted area such as No Parking / No Stopping or No StandingCategories: Disabled Parking Permit, Parking

  • Can I use my permit at parking meters?

    Yes. The City of Niagara Falls allows the holder of a valid disability permit to park at meters without payment of the meter for the maximum time of the meter or 2 (two) hours, whichever is less. The valid permit MUST be displayed. If it is not displayed, a parking ticket will be issued.Categories: Disabled Parking Permit, Parking

  • Can I use my permit in Municipal Parking Lots?

    Yes. A valid Disability permit is accepted when parking in a municipally owned lot without payment of the machine for the maximum duration of the lot.Categories: Disabled Parking Permit, Parking

  • Can my friends or family members use my permit when parking?

    No. Only the person the permit has been issued to may use the permit to park in a Disability Access parking space. Use by another person can result in the permit being confiscated and fines up to $5,000.Categories: Disabled Parking Permit, Parking

  • Do Disability permits expire?

    Yes. All Ontario issued Disability Parking Permits have an expiry date. Always check to make sure it is valid and not expired. Expired permits will result in the vehicle being considered illegal in a Disabled parking space or at a meter.Categories: Disabled Parking Permit, Parking

  • Does it cost me to go to court?

    If the Justice of the Peace finds in your favour, there is no cost to you. If the ticket is upheld, you must pay the fine amount as directed by the Justice of the Peace including any additional charges assigned. If you fail to appear in court, the Justice may find in the City's favour and additional court costs may be added. If the ticket is not paid on time the above scenario of conviction costs, and MTO costs will be applied.Categories: Parking, Tickets

  • How do I dispute my ticket?

    The City of Niagara Falls operates a "First Attendance Office" as prescribed in the Provincial Offences Act. This office will review any parking violation issued by the City of Niagara Falls. You or your agent must appear in person and fill out a review form so staff may accurately check all information provided by you.Staff will review all information and respond as promptly as possible.Categories: Parking, Tickets

  • How do I pay my ticket?

    Online using PayPal or your Credit Card
    Pay your parking ticket here!

    Note: A $1.50 convenience fee will apply to online payments
    In person:
    Finance Division - Main Floor
    City Hall
    4310 Queen Street
    Niagara Falls, Ontario
    Payment Method: Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Interac
    By Mail
    Finance Division
    City Hall
    4310 Queen Street
    Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6X5
    Payment Method: Cheque, Money Order
    (Please quote infraction number on the face of your cheque)
    For Cheque Payments
    Make cheques or money orders payable to: The City of Niagara FallsCategories: Parking, Tickets

  • I received an Infraction, who can I contact to get more information about the options available to me?

    For General inquiries call
    (905) 356-7521 extension 4960
    Monday - Friday
    8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.In Person
    MacBain Centre - Customer Service desk
    7150 Montrose Road
    Niagara Falls, OntarioCategories: Parking, Tickets

  • It's an Ontario issued permit, are the rules all the same in every city in Ontario?

    No. Each municipality honours the disability permits independently. Theonly rule that is common among cities is that the permit may be used in a designated disability Parking space. Other uses for the permits are decided in each municipality based on local needs or conditions.Categories: Disabled Parking Permit, Parking

  • What happens at court?

    You will present y our case before a Justice of the Peace. The City of Niagara Falls will have a representative in court, as well as the officer to provide information relative to the issuance of the ticket. Please keep in mind, that the Justice of the Peace will make a decision only on the ticket issued. If you have concerns about the by-law it is issued under, this aspect is not addressed by the court during a parking infraction trial.Categories: Parking, Tickets

  • What if I don't pay my ticket on time?

    The City of Niagara Falls will issue a "Notice of Impending Conviction" to the registered owner of the vehicle. This notice will be sent out approximately 15 days after the ticket was issued. The notice indicates that a "conviction" charge ($16.00) will be registered on the violation if not addressed within the time frame stated on the notice. Should the violation not get paid after the conviction is registered, the City will forward this past due amount, plus the conviction to the Ministry of Transportation for collection. The violation amount, conviction cost and a $20.00 processing costs is applied to your vehicle license plate. You must pay this amount prior to renewing your license.For Example: Parking Violation Original Amount: $20.00 Conviction Cost $16.00 MTO Costs $20.00 Payable on License Renewal: $56.00Please pay your tickets on time, and avoid extra costs.

    Categories: Parking, Tickets

  • What if I want to take my ticket to a hearing?

    You must attend MacBain Community Centre in person to request a hearing. Information regarding this is on the back of your parking infraction. You will be able to review the ticket with a screening officer prior to setting up a hearing date. If you are acting on behalf of the vehicle owner, you are considered an agent, and written permission from the owner of the vehicle is required. If you are requesting a hearing as the ticket recipient (other than owner) the registered owner of the vehicle will also be notified of the hearing date. City staff will look after all details. We will set a court date and advise you by mail.Categories: Parking, Tickets