Open Data Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 - Why is the City offering Open Data?

    As part of an effort to: create a better informed public, enhance customer service, improve efficiencies and obtain value added benefits back from the community.Categories: Open Data

  • 02 - Will personal information be at risk?

    The City complies with the freedom of information and privacy laws and will only be releasing public information layers.Categories: Open Data

  • 03 - Will all City data be released?

    No - Some data is subject to confidentiality and privacy laws and some are subject to legal contracts and agreements with other parties that prevent us from sharing the data. This information will remain as internal use only.Categories: Open Data

  • 04 - How are datasets selected?

    The initial datasets consist of layers already available in a machine-readable format and free from privacy restrictions. Subsequent releases will meet the same standards. Priority is given to information already being collected for internal purposes or those found to be in high demand. To vote for a dataset, visit our UserVoice site.Categories: Open Data

  • 05 - What file formats are available?

    At this time we have offered the data in shapefile format as it seems to be the most universally used GIS format and it is native to our current systems. This format needs specialty software in order to read so we are investigating more open formats for distribution purposes.Categories: Open Data

  • 06 - What file datum and projection is available?

    We only offer the data in NAD 83 UTM Zone 17Categories: Open Data

  • 07 - How regularly is the data updated?

    The data is updated on a regular basis subject to staffing constraints and availability of new information. Critical data sets are maintained on an ongoing basis as information changes while others are updated on a routine schedule.Categories: Open Data

  • 08 - Will I be notified of updates?

    You can subscribe to the OpenData RSS Feed where you will be alerted when data is refreshed. Each data page (linked off the open data catalogue) contains information on the date of the last edit.Categories: Open Data

  • 09 - Can I submit data corrections?

    Yes, contact us at [email protected] with complete details. However all submissions must contain substantiation and be put through a quality control procedure before changes are made.Categories: Open Data

  • 10 - What are the license details?

    By accessing the datasets, you automatically agree to the Terms of Use. Please view the details in the Terms and Conditions.Categories: Open Data

  • 11 - Can I use this data commercially?

    Please view the details in the Terms and Conditions.Categories: Open Data

  • 12 - Do I have to give the City of Niagara Falls credit?

    You are encouraged but not required to give credit where credit is due. Please view the details in the Terms and Conditions.Categories: Open Data

  • 13 - Who do I contact when I have questions about the data?

    When you click on a data catalogue layer, there is a short metadata entry which lists the current contact person pertinent to that dataset's information.Categories: Open Data

  • 14 - There was a problem with the download of the data, now what?

    If you find a problem with a file, report it to us directly at [email protected]. Include the name of the dataset and a description of the problem. Please be sure to verify that you have the appropriate software to open the data set before notifying us. We do not provide user support for the data.Categories: Open Data

  • 15 - Where do I submit my feedback/suggestions?

    We welcome your suggestions and comments. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit our online engagement site, Let's Talk Niagara Falls.

    Categories: Open Data