Easements Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I build a structure or a fence within the limits of an easement?

    No. Homeowners have the right to use and enjoy the lands within the easement, as long as the enjoyment does not interfere with the rights of the City for the easement. Homeowners may not, without the prior written consent of the City, build or place any buildings, structures, fence foundations, pavement or other obstructions of any nature whatsoever that would prevent the City from any of its rights according to the purposes of the easement. If any obstructions have already been placed within an easement of the City, we may access and remove any obstructions and shall not be responsible for any damages to the homeowner property within the easement, when necessary for the City to do so.Categories: Easements, Municipal Works

  • What is an easement, and what is it's purpose?

    An easement grants certain rights for specific purposes to someone other than the owner of the property over all or a portion of the property. In the City's case, easements over properties are usually taken for maintenance of City services (catch basins, sewers, pipes, etc.) typically along the side property lines from the rear of the lots out to the street. Normal widths of City easements in this case are 3.0m (10') centred on the property lines, however in some cases for specific needs, the easements may be larger and in different locations.

    Categories: Easements, Municipal Works