Drainage Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the City provide me with a survey of my property?

    No. The City does not hold surveys of individual lots on file, however we can provide you with a copy of the Plan of Subdivision which would show general dimensions and distances of the lots within the subdivision. We can not provide a location of the property bars for your lot. This service must be solicited by a private licensed Ontario Land Surveyor's firm.

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  • How can I improve the drainage on my property?

    Roof drainage can add a significant amount of water to a property. It is recommenced to direct all down spouts to the front yard, a sufficient distance away from the building foundation in order for the roof flows to drain out to the road way.Sump Pumps, which remove foundation drainage, sometimes are pumped outside to ground level. In this case it is again recommended for them to be discharged to the front yards, a sufficient distance away from the building foundation.If you are experiencing drainage issues in relation to a neighbouring property, approach your neighbour and inform them of the problem. It may help to inform them that there is a problem that they may not know about.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Rear Yard Drainage

  • Is my neighbour allowed to construct a sidewalk on his property?

    Yes. Current construction techniques involve the cross-fall for the sidewalk. In other words, water is encouraged to gently run off the sidewalk surface to prevent the accumulation of water and ice could pose a slipping hazard. Generally this water is directed toward the side lot line where a gentle swale could be present. It is not uncommon for soil to have settled and/or consolidated over the years so it no longer conveys storm flows to the road. It is often thought that these trace amounts of water will cause flooding of adjacent lands. Many times both sides of a property line are in need of regrading.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Sidewalk Drainage

  • My neighbour has raised their grade, and it may affect or is affecting my property. Does the City have a By-law in place for this?

    No. The City of Niagara Falls does not have a By-law which would restrict a residential lot owner from re-grading their yards. However, if it is required, the City may provide technical assistance in order for a homeowner to deal with a current or potential grading issue.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Rear Yard Drainage

  • There's a sewer in my back yard, what is it for and who is responsible for its maintenance?

    It is a catch basin, installed for the purposes of collecting overland drainage from surrounding properties through swales. The catch basin, and the pipe connecting it to the sewer in the road are maintained by the City typically through an easement, however the swale maintenance is the responsibility of the individual home owner.

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  • Why does the roadway flood in heavy rainfall events?

    During periods of heavy rainfall, the roadway drainage and storm sewer systems may not have sufficient capacity to drain the water as quickly as during normal rainfall. Please allow the system adequate time to clear. However, if you are aware of a blocked catch basin or culvert, please call the Municipal Service Centre at 905-356-1355 ext. 6200 to request a cleanout.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Road Flooding

  • Will the City come on my property to fix my drainage?

    No. Private drainage matters are private. Engineering Services will offer advice on ways to solve private drainage matters, and the landowner can then decide whether or not they wish to proceed on their own with the work. The City will not initiate or finance the required work.Categories: Drainage, Municipal Works, Rear Yard Drainage