Coronation Centre Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you join the Coronation Centre if you are not 50? Do you have to be a resident to join?

    According to the Coronation Centre's Constitution a spouse of a member can join even if they are not 50. There is a non resident membership fee of $33.00 – a non-resident is considered someone who does not live within the City of Niagara Falls boundaries.Categories: Coronation Centre

  • Do you have change rooms/lockers for the wellness room?

    The Coronation Centre does not have private change rooms are lockers, we do have washrooms located on the lower and main levels where members can change into their workout wear.Categories: Coronation Centre

  • Does a Coronation Centre membership allow me to use the YMCA facilities or can I use the walking track at the YMCA?

    Your Coronation Centre membership is only valid for the programs and services offered at the Coronation Centre and does not permit you access to the YMCA facilities or programs.Categories: Coronation Centre

  • Does the Coronation Centre have a swimming pool?

    The Coronation Centre does not have a swimming pool on site. We rent the pool time from the YMCA to offer Aqua Fit classes to our members.Categories: Coronation Centre

  • Is the Coronation Centre Cafe and Closet open to the public?

    Yes! Both the Cafe and Closet are open to the public. Cafe hours are Mon-Fri from 9:00-1:00pm offering daily hot lunch specials for $5.50. The Closet accepts donations and sells gently used women's clothing and accessories at unbeatable prices.Categories: Coronation Centre

  • Is the Coronation Centre on a bus route? Does the Coronation Centre provide transportation?

    The Coronation does not provide members with transportation to the Centre however; you can take the public transit to Main St. in front of the Centre.Categories: Coronation Centre

  • What does my membership give me?

    Your Coronation Centre membership is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Membership entitles one to participate in the programs and special events offered by registering for a program, paying a nominal drop in fee or purchasing tickets to an event. Our facility can improve your life in many ways and you will soon experience the benefits of membership; such as making new friends, participation in a regular exercise routine, involvement in volunteer opportunities or enjoying a hot meal from our Cafe to name a few.Categories: Coronation Centre

  • Where can I park when coming to the Coronation Centre?

    Your Coronation Centre membership provides you with a parking permit so our members can park in the Main St lot with spaces or the lot on corner of Summer St. and Lowell. Overflow parking is at Niagara Cash and Carry.Categories: Coronation Centre