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  • How can I add my business to the Niagara Falls Business Directory?

    Please use our Submission Form to add a business listing. When submission is complete, an automatic e-mail will be sent to the business e-mail address indicating that the initial process is complete and verification will begin. The verification process ensures that, the property information is correct, the relevant business information is listed, duplicates are removed, licensing is confirmed, picture quality is good (if applicable), etc.Categories: Business Directory

  • How can I make changes to my business directory listing?

    The Submission Form allows you to search for a self-populated version of the form based on your company name. Changes can be made to the existing business listing and, upon submission, the same verification process will begin once again.Categories: Business Directory

  • How do I decide which category to place my business in?

    On the Submission Form, you will have the ability to select a main category to place your business listing. Please pick a main category or two from the list of categories on the form. These will be used as guidelines during the verification process. The verification process will place the business listing within a category based on your submission and how it compares to standard NAIC code categories.Categories: Business Directory

  • How do I submit a picture for my listing?

    You will need an image file in the standard .jpg format already saved to your computer. On the Submission Form, there is an option close to the bottom that reads: "You may submit a digital photo of your business with this form. Do you have an image file that you would like to submit? (.jpg "JPEG" files only)"Simply, answer YES to this question and once the form has been saved, it will prompt you to select a file from your computer. Path to the image on your computer and this file will then be sent to our server and attached to your business directory listing. Please do not close browser until attachment has been sent, otherwise, your file will not be received.Categories: Business Directory

  • How often is the Business Directory updated?

    The business directory is updated on an ongoing basis as on-line submission forms are submitted and verified. Once a year, the City will endeavor to carry out a notification process. This process will inform new businesses of the directory and its submission form and will remind existing businesses to keep their information up-to-date.Categories: Business Directory

  • I have submitted a form without an error message. Why has my listing not changed?

    Verification is not complete:

    Once an update form has been submitted, it enters the verification database and does not enter the business directory database until the verification process is complete. This verification process ensures that we have the best information possible along with appropriate content, valid addresses, etc. The new listing will not appear until this process is complete.

    Authorization has not been given:

    On the Submission Form, there is a question stating: Do you authorize The City of Niagara Falls Canada to make your business listing available to the public in the on-line Business Directory? If you answer NO to this question, your listing will not appear on the internet and will remain in the internal database only. Please note this question defaults to No – so if you do not authorize publication, your listing will not be posted to the Internet.Categories: Business Directory

  • Is the Niagara Falls Business Directory available in hard copy or electronic format?

    No. At this time, it is not possible to receive a download of this information in it's entirety. This directory is intended for viewing purposes only and is meant to be used on-line. It is not intended for resale or commercial use. A full disclaimer is available on the site under the Terms and Conditions.Categories: Business Directory

  • What are the North American Industrial Classification (NAIC) codes and why do we use them.

    NAIC was developed jointly by, Canada, the USA and Mexico to provide new comparability in statistics about business activity across North America. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS pronounced Nakes) is a unique, all-new system for classifying business establishments. To find out more information visit their website at code all businesses with the NAIC system in order to compare business activity with other geographical areas, and for the purpose of viewing and comparing the changing industry base in our community. By using these standard codes, it also provides a statistical measurement to compare other socio-economic data.Categories: Business Directory

  • What are the standard requirements for being included in the Niagara Falls Business Directory?

    • Businesses must be physically located within the municipal boundary of Niagara Falls.
    • Businesses must meet the City's business licensing requirements, where applicable.
    • Businesses must authorize the publication of their information through the submission of the on-line form.
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  • What is the reference number for?

    We provide a unique reference number for tracking abilities, in case you would like to contact us regarding your current listing. This unique number is used to identify each update that we receive so that they don't get mixed up. Additionally, it ensures that the most recent update will be applied to your business directory listing, in the event that multiple updates have been submitted.Categories: Business Directory

  • Why are all businesses not listed in the Niagara Falls Business Directory?

    Participation in the business directory is voluntary, not mandatory. It simply reflects those businesses who wish to participate in the on-line directory. In order for the information to appear on the internet, businesses must meet the standard municipal requirements.Categories: Business Directory

  • Why are there "Required Fields" on the submission form?

    In order for the validation process to work successfully, base information must be confirmed with internal data already stored in the City's databases. Up-to-date contact information allows open communication between the business and City staff, and authorization ensures that each business has given their permission to be posted to the public site for viewing.Business Name, Business Address, Business E-mail, Products/Services, Contact Name, and Contact E-mail are the basic fields of information required for every listing.Categories: Business Directory

  • Why do I get an error when submitting my information?

    Error messages may appear when:

    • Connection to the internet was lost during the update process
    • The BACK button was pressed in your browser
    • You have not completed all the required fields of information prior to submission
    • Your address does not exist in our database as submitted
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