Information Systems


Information Systems is responsible for supporting all divisions of the Corporation by evaluating, creating, purchasing, installing, processing, training, maintaining all computer related hardware and software, communications systems, office equipment (photocopiers, faxes), telecommunications systems, GIS and Internet services.

This responsibility extends to networking, operating systems, communications networks, phone systems, security systems, applications, programming, mapping, manuals, training, operations, security, policies, standards, procedures and the City web sites.

Functions and Services

Information Systems supports the users and facilities throughout the city by way of the Help Desk. All calls for support, for any of the items of responsibility, are documented and routed to the appropriate personnel for resolution.

Geographic Information System Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) services manages the servers, software and spatial data layers that enable map making, research, and analysis for the benefit of other City departments and citizens. This section provides both interactive and hard copy mapping services, builds custom web mapping applications and forms, and works with other Information Systems sections to develop application integrations. GIS participates in project scoping and data standardization protocols when projects include spatial information. In addition, GIS is responsible for assigning civic addresses and maintaining the City's addressing database.

Network Services

The Network Services section of Information Systems is responsible for all hardware evaluation, purchasing & support. All computers, printers, copiers, audio/visual systems, security systems, scanners and other computer accessories are supported by this section. The corporate document imaging strategy, the corporate e-mail system, the corporate virtualization strategy, and all server and desktop operating system support is done through the Network Services section. The Network Services section also offers first level support for all corporate standard desktop applications as well as specialized software at off-site locations such as Transit, Fire and the Service Centre.

Software Services

The Software Services section of Information Systems is responsible for creating and implementing computerized programs. This involves setting up and administering purchased software packages that are used corporate wide. It also includes scoping, designing and deploying custom applications for other sections in IS as well as other departments within the City. In many instances we design custom ‘add-ons’ to enhance purchased software, and deploy integrations that link various applications in order to deliver the best possible solution.

Other substantial responsibilities of Software Services include creating custom reports, writing technical manuals / help guides, training end users, and providing technical support for both purchased and in-house applications.

Web Services

Web Services creates, develops, supports and maintains the various web applications used throughout the city for internal and external purposes. Such public examples are the Official Niagara Falls Website and the Niagara Falls Museums website. Custom web applications are a large part of what we do, in addition to integrating web components into existing software applications.

In addition to web applications, they also manage the Domain Names owned by the City and manage the public DNS configuration.