Cottage Rentals

As a major tourist destination, Niagara Falls has many accommodations for the traveling public: hotels, motels, camp grounds and Bed & Breakfasts. Another form of accommodation is known as a Cottage Rental Dwelling.

Cottage Rental Dwelling is a residential house that is rented out by the owner for short stays (traditionally, less than 28 days). Many travelers are interested in this type of accommodation because it provides kitchen and dining space, multiple bedrooms and a yard that will often be attractive to large groups traveling together (sports teams, et al.).

Please be advised that only a handful of Cottage Rental Dwellings are licensed by the municipality and have been appropriately inspected. Niagara Falls City Council has directed that staff review Cottage Rental Dwellings and come up with policies,because of negative impacts these accommodations have had on neighbouring residences.

The following Cottage Rental Dwellings are licensed by the municipality. If you choose to stay in an unlicensed Cottage Rental Dwelling, you may be visited by a By-law Enforcement officer and you may upset the surrounding property owners. Please do your due diligence when booking your stay in Niagara Falls.

Listing of Cottage Rental Dwellings licenced by the City of Niagara Falls