WRAP Process Applicant Checklist

  1. Complete and submit WRAP application to the City.
  2. City WRAP Technician will arrange to inspect your basement and sewer connection to confirm eligibility.
  3. City will send you formal notification of what work you are Approved for.
  4. You hire a qualified plumber.
  5. A plumbing permit is required from the City’s Building Department for the work. You can designate your plumber to apply on your behalf.  The Building Department will need to see a copy of your WRAP Approval form to waive the permit fees.
  6. Your plumber completes the work.
  7. A City Building Inspector reviews and passes the plumbing work at the “rough in” stage.
  8. You and your plumber sign the Approval Form indicating the work is done to your satisfaction and in accordance with the program.
  9. Your plumber sends the City the signed Approval Form along with their invoice for the eligible works.
  10. City WRAP technician will arrange for a final inspection of the works for compliance with the requirements of the WRAP program.
  11. Once the City is satisfied, the invoice for eligible work is paid by the City directly to the contractor. You are responsible for the cost of any work not covered under the program.
  12. You own any equipment or material, installed under this program, on your property. You are also responsible for the ongoing operations and maintenance of the equipment.  Warranty and replacement issues are not the City’s responsibility.

For more information visit the Weeping-tile Removal Assistance Program (WRAP) page or please call 905-356-7521 ext. 4211 or 4212