I Love MyCity

I Love MyCity Contest 

 The City of Niagara Falls has a special beat found throughout every corner of the City. It’s our heart, our soul, our love for this wonderful community! With so much to love about our City, we asked you what makes Niagara Falls special to you!  

Thank you to everyone who sent us a submission into the I Love My City contest! With so many great entries, it was impossible to choose just one winner. On Tuesday, February 14, 2017, Mayor Jim Diodati announced it was a tie, and two winners had been selected:

Winning Entry Number 1:  Steven C. of Niagara Falls

I Love MyCity Contest winner

"I moved  here 5 ½ years ago, and every moment has been an inspiration. Before I moved to Niagara Falls everyone I knew told me I would lose all my money, my new house I purchased, and my beautiful classic car. I did lose some things along the way; my anger, my frustration, and my discontent, wonderful things to lose, indeed.

When I moved to Niagara Falls, I had no job, no friends, and a house that needed a lot of work. I fixed the house, found a job in five weeks, and met so many friends, that I’m richer for the moments. I volunteer for Springlicious, Canada Day and the Santa Claus Parade. I never volunteered for these events in my old city, living in Niagara Falls, I feel obligated to volunteer. I feel lucky to live in Niagara Falls and I’m proud of my city.

 The City I come from is scary, cold and a city without a soul. That is the opposite of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is warm, friendly, and with lots of soul. These are the reasons why “I Love Niagara Falls”, the most beautiful city in the world."

Winner Entry Number 2: Sandra T. of Niagara Falls

I Love MyCity contest winner" I love my city of Niagara Falls for a variety of reasons. My parents brought our family to Niagara Falls every summer for picnics. When I grew up, hubby and I carried on the tradition and made regular visits to Niagara Falls with our children. These trips gave me many wonderful memories. Three years ago hubby and I moved, from the Ottawa area, to our dream location in Niagara Falls. We love trying the numerous restaurants and visiting the endless attractions that never lose their appeal. We love keeping fit, walking down to the falls, along Lundy's Lane, on the River Road area and through the parks, during  all four seasons, night or day. We love watching the tourists enjoy the wonders of the falls. We love having the luxury of two amazing casinos and the top notch performances constantly available. We love the sounds of the falls thundering in the quiet times. We love and appreciate the business community that rewards Niagara Falls residents with the Cheap/Sleep Charity program and great discounts to various attractions once a year.  We love the beauty of well-manicured lawns and gardens. We love the loving, kind neighbours we have been fortunate to meet here. So many reasons for this love affair with Niagara Falls. Most of all, hubby and I love living our dream of residing in one of the world's top tourist destinations and the Honeymoon Capital of the world. We are still making sweet memories... in the City we love... Niagara Falls."