Engagement Framework

People working on a project, at a deskWe invite you to view the  Let's Talk Niagara Falls Community Engagement Framework.  

This framework has been developed to demonstrate and articulate the City of Niagara Falls' current and on-going commitment to engaging the community in a meaningful and effective way.

Niagara Falls City Council identified the need to ensure meaningful public involvement that respects the contribution of our residents and businesses as a strategic priority. Effective community engagement not only provides Council with an opportunity to strengthen its relationship with the people of Niagara Falls, but provides for sound investment in better decision making by ensuring decisions are informed of community needs and aspirations. We take great care in listening to our community to determine the necessary changes and improvements to make our great City, even better.

Overall, the framework aims at developing a consistent approach to community engagement, providing guidance on when and how to undertake engagement activities and what steps and processes should be considered. It outlines our goals and guiding principles for community engagement to ensure consistent and active participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of our programs and services.

Visit letstalk.niagarafalls.ca for more information.