Arts & Culture Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame has moved to a temporary location at the Niagara Falls Public Library on Victoria Ave. 

Arts and Culture wall of Fame Collage showing past inductees

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We are accepting Nominations to the Wall of Fame until July 30th. Please complete the online Nomination Form, including a good quality headshot JPG. 

Wall of Fame - 2021 Inductees

Inductees into the City of Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame have been recognized for their significant contribution to the arts and cultural life of Niagara Falls.

  • Tim Hicks
  • Rivoli Iesulauro
  • Maria Vetere


NameYear InductedDetails
Maria Vetere2021View details
Rivoli Iesulauro2021View details
Tim Hicks2021View details
John Law2020View details
Karlee Morse2020View details
Leona Skye Grandmond2020View details
Steve Burnside2020View details
Christina Le Rose2019View details
Joan Howatson2019View details
Karen Fraser2019View details
Kevin McMahon and Michael McMahon2019View details
James “Jim” Cooper2018View details
Alan Barillaro2018View details
Antoine Gaber2018View details
Isabelle Rezazadeh2018View details
Adam White2017View details
Bunnie Brandt-Wilson2017View details
Larry Hurst2017View details
April Mullen 2016View details
Ernest Green 2016View details
George Bailey 2016View details
Ronald & Joan Brown2016View details
Wave 2016View details
Anthony J. Smith 2015View details
Charles Trice Mcclive Jacklin 2015View details
Donald Fredrick Ede2015View details
Phoebe Jean (Carol) Ede2015View details
Todd Liddiard 2015View details
Big John 'T-Bone' Little2014View details
Daniel R. Rodrique 2014View details
Jennifer Garrett 2014View details
Joseph Patrick (Pat) Simon 2014View details
Kimberley Newport-Mimran2014View details
Linus Hand2014View details
Lynda Reeves 2014View details
Niagara District Art Association2014View details
Derek Tidd2013View details
George A. Seibel2013View details
James Kerr2013View details
Keith Campbell2013View details
Kevin Lafferty2013View details
Niagara Concerts2013View details
Tony Urquhart2013View details
Gerda Amoraal2012View details
John Warden2012View details
Kris Collver2012View details
Maria Klokkou2012View details
Pasquale Ramunno2012View details
Robert J. Foley2012View details
William (Bill) Smeaton2012View details
Bob McAdorey 2011View details
Brian Smylski 2011View details
Diana Coatsworth2011View details
Frank Shuster 2011View details
Honeymoon Suite 2011View details
Joel Zimmerman 2011View details
Niagara Parks Commission’s Oakes Garden Theatre and Rainbow Gardens Artwork2011View details
Gary Rigby 2010View details
Greg Frewin 2010View details
Jacqueline R. Baldini 2010View details
James Cameron 2010View details
Leroy Edward Emmanuel 2010View details
Steve Karliski 2010View details
Francis Petrie 2009View details
Niagara Falls Concert Band 2009View details
Olha & Mykola Kolankiwsky 2009View details
Robert Bracken 2009View details
W. Bruce Leslie 2009View details
Barbara Frum 2008View details
Egidio (Ed) Fantinel2008View details
Ian Wallace 2008View details
Norma Potter 2008View details
Rick Rose 2008View details
Ruth Redmond 2008View details
Hilda Corkum2007View details
Lucille Hilston 2007View details
Myron "Mynie" Sutton 2007View details
Sherman Zavitz2007View details
Stephan Moccio2007View details
Wilma L. Morrison 2007View details
Ann Speedie 2006View details
Brett Polegato 2006View details
Doreen Walker 2006View details
Frances Mary Corfield 2006View details
Frank H. Leslie2006View details
Helen Waimel Robertson2006View details
Hilda Danks 2006View details
John Burtniak2006View details
John Petrella2006View details
R. Nathaniel Dett2006View details
Samuel Thomas2006View details