2022 Cultural Projects

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Trail Mix: Local Trails & Local Artists

Trail Mix is an auditory accompaniment to your walk, featuring the work of local artists. You can listen to the mix while enjoying the sights of the Millennium Trail. QR codes along the trail will take you to music, humour or spoken word on your smart device.

  • Step #1: Select your favourite section of Niagara Falls 7 km long Millennium Trail
  • Step #2: Strap on your hiking shoes
  • Step #3: Find the hidden QR codes along the trail
  • Step #4: Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code
  • Step #5: Put on your headphones and listen to the Trail Mix!


Millennium Trail - John McCall MacBain Pathway : McLeod Road to Lundy’s Lane:  Google Maps Link

Trail Mix Section #1
Ashlee Sienna "Damn Those Eyes"
Ryan Thomas Smelle "Novel Study"
CD Onofrio "Centre Of The Universe"

Trail Mix Section #2
Eve Atoms "Ubuntu Groove"
Scott Harvey "UK"
Jeff Beadle "Shadows"

Trail Mix Section #3
The Hansdome Devils "Race To The Bottom"
John Little "My Home Niagara Falls"
Philip Bosley "Under the Sun"
MMBris Nibi  
Trail Mix Section #4
Nigel Legin "Showtime 100" 
Artbyfourfivesix "Texture"
Errund "Ruminate"
Trail Mix Section #5
Rafik Guirguis "Jordan"
Road Waves "Hometown"  
Kortni Bloor "Walk"
Trail Mix Section #6
Superfluous Motor "Contact"  
MMBris "Earth"
Trail Mix Section #7
Electric Wildlife "Let Me Know"
Sea of Gold and Burgundy "Sun Is Rising" 
Trail Mix Section #8
Evan Rotella "If I Was A Rockstar"  
Matt Keighan "Time of your life"
Life dream music "Tune 19-00"  
Trail Mix Section #9
Jay Diem "In Clouds"
The Black Flies "In Return"  
MMBris "Fire"
Trail Mix Section #10
The POE "Selective Memory"  
Thunderclap "The Future Is Here"  
DJ Marinko "Sound Bloom" 
Trail Mix Section #11
Chris Scott "Everywhere I go"  
Rusty Brown "Carry On"  
MMBris "Wind"  
Trail Mix Section #12
Anthony Abbruscato "Where Did I Go"
BBG "No Place Like Home"  
Trail Mix Section #13
Brandon Agnew "Everything Is Beautiful"
Dahlia Anderson "In My Mind"  
Dave Green "Road Jokes"
Trail Mix Section #14
Majezla Jettizen "Mystery Dazel"
Sensorium Angels "Pancake Kiss"  

Trail Mix Location Map

Trail Mix Location Map