2021 Cultural Projects

Niagara Falls Urban Walls 

picture of mural with artists who created it

The City of Niagara Falls Culture has created a street art and mural program for the benefit of our residents, communities and businesses. Additions of street art benefit urban environments by creating a safer community and encourage stewardship and public realm enhancement. They attract art loving pedestrians.

Murals don’t serve simply to brighten your day, they also are an integral part of creating a safer community and supporting graffiti prevention. To establish this, Niagara Falls Urban Walls [NFUW] has begun the process of enabling artists and locals, along with building owners, to collaborate on the process of creating art in public spaces. By layering knowledge via exceptional mural workshops from Mural Routes out of Toronto, enabling local artists on real projects via commissions and mentoring opportunities, by creating an Artist Database that lets building owners and City Staff know who is available and interested in applying for a variety of art initiatives, and with community consultation on what local residents and businesses wish to have in their neighbourhood, NFUW has created a strong platform to grow it’s Urban Walls program from.

The workshops, developed by Toronto’s Mural Routes, are delivered to provide local artists with tips, tools and techniques to ensure that they can develop their skills and knowledge. There are further workshops to be delivered this year, including techniques of aerosol art and how to make digital mock ups so the end product is easier to visualize.

Niagara Falls Urban Wall Program will serve many functions. It will;

  •      Enhance Niagara Falls’ streets and public spaces
  •      Engage and vitalize Niagara Falls communities through physical enhancements and related events
  •      Showcase local artists and mentor emerging talent
  •      Counteract graffiti vandalism
  •      Foster a greater sense of belonging among all
  •      Celebrate the creativity of our rich and varied cultural communities

We invite local building owners to submit their walls for consideration. Artists, local stakeholders and community provide input in focus groups, enabling the work to be a reflection of the desires of the community. A panel of arts and culture adjudicators select the final designs. The City of Niagara Falls is currently providing funding, structure and support for the artist/artist teams to create temporary work that will last up to 5 years.

Upcoming Workshops:

Aerosol Art      Rescheduled for 2022

Includes lecture-style session around street art culture and 3 hours of hands on aerosol techniques. Maximum 15 participants. Registration to open soon.

Digital Mural Design    Date TBD 2022

For further information please contact:

Kim Van Stygeren, Cultural Development Coordinator

[email protected]

Artist Database

Call for Interest for Consideration [IFC]

The goal of this IFC is to expand our awareness of artists and creatives who are interested and available to participate in Niagara Falls arts projects. Submissions will assist Advisory Panel members when considering artists and other participants for Niagara Falls arts initiatives like murals, street art, utility box wraps, signage or any other potential visual arts project.

A few tips before you start:

  • We'll ask about your experience, interests, and future plans.
  • We'll ask for details about your past projects (your role, project dimensions, locations, installation/creation dates, mediums, etc.)
  • If your role in a project was anything other than "artist" (producer/facilitator/organizer/etc), we'll just ask for the event details (name/location/date/etc) or just for details of your volunteer/mentorship involvement.
  • Have a few jpg images ready. You'll have the option to submit up to 6 images (2 per project; 3 projects max). All images must be jpg/jpeg and 1 MB (1000 KB) or less, each. Label each artwork with your LAST NAME, title.
  • This form is thorough. It will take about 30 minutes to complete.
  • You'll have a chance to review and edit your answers after each section.
  • If you wish to begin but cannot complete in one go make sure your email is entered, and you will receive a link to allow you to continue editing at a later date

For more information about this contact: [email protected]

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logo for trail mix niagara falls Trail Mix: Local Trails & Local Artists

Trail Mix is an auditory accompaniment to your walk, featuring the work of local artists. You can listen to the mix while enjoying the sights of the Millennium Trail. QR codes along the trail will take you to music, humour or spoken word on your smart device.

  • Step #1: Select your favourite section of Niagara Falls 7 km long Millennium Trail
  • Step #2: Strap on your hiking shoes
  • Step #3: Find the hidden QR codes along the trail
  • Step #4: Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code
  • Step #5: Put on your headphones and listen to the Trail Mix!


Millennium Trail - John McCall MacBain Pathway : McLeod Road to Lundy’s Lane:  Google Maps Link

Trail Mix #1

Featured artists: JIN, Electric Wildlife, James Blonde

Trail Mix #2 

Featured artists: David Green Live; Kortni Bloor, Berger Blake Goold, The Chestnut Tree Cafe

Trail Mix #3

Featured artists: Road Waves, Rita Visser, LMT

Millennium Trail - Canada 150 Pathway: Lundy’s Lane to Hwy 420:  Google Maps Link

Trail Mix #4

Featured artists: Errunhrd, Superfulous Motor

Trail Mix #5

Featured artists: Ashlee Standish, Kim Clarke Champniss, Avenue Inn

Millennium Trail - Rotary Club Storywalk Pathway: Hwy 420 to Morrison Street:  Google Maps Link

Trail Mix #6

Featured artists: Nathan Warriner, Peter Haverkamp

Trail Mix #7

Featured artists: Rafik Guirguis, Ryan Lunn, Mike Baranyai

Trail Mix #8

Featured artists: Adam James, Anthony Abbruscato

Millennium Trail - Paisley Janvary-Pool Pathway: Morrison Street to Thorold Stone Road:  Google Maps Link 

Trail Mix #9

Featured artists: The Mandevilles, C.D. Onofrio, The P.O.E.

Trail Mix #10

Featured artists: Sensorium Angels, The Waxbills, Nayles

Trail Mix #11

Featured artists: Aimie Page, VIBI

Millennium Trail - Niagara Falls Lions Legacy Pathway: Thorold Stone Road to Whirlpool Road:  Google Maps Link

Trail Mix #12

Featured artists: Giancarlo & The Scarfones, Dahlia

Trail Mix #13

Featured artists: Greyson Streed, Zack Tiessen

Trail Mix #14

Featured artists: Riley Michaels, Eve Atoms

Millenium Trail Mapping for Trail Mix 2021-22

  • Trails in red

map of niagara falls with trail mix locations highlighted

niagara streams logo