Resources for Seniors

Ontario Protecting Seniors During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Province Investing $10 Million to Mobilize Businesses and Volunteers to Support the Most Vulnerable. View the full media releas for details.

Niagara Falls Grocery & Pharmacy Stores Hours during COVID-19

Niagara Falls retailers have changed their opening hours to allow seniors, and others most at risk to shop more comfortably. View participating stores and hours of operations here.

Friendly Telephone Calls to Isolated Seniors

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, physical distancing during this public health crisis is essential in preventing the spread of the virus. It’s a directive we must adhere to given the nature of the disease but, it can come at a high cost to seniors. Living alone can be tough for seniors never mind during the current situation. It's crucial that we still connect with one another especially to those who are currently isolated in our community.

Do you, or do you know of someone that would welcome a friendly telephone check in a couple of times a week?

Would you like to become involved with the telephone check in program?
This initiative is to ultimately check in on the welfare of our isolated seniors in the community and assure them they are not alone. This is not a shopping/prescription pick up etc service. 

Please contact Hanya Nagy, Manager of Coronation 50 Plus Recreation Centre at [email protected] for more information.