FAQ on City Services

  • Animals, Pets and the Humane Society

    The Humane Society will continue to offer urgent and essential services to municipalities, including:

    • Sheltering animals who come to us through municipal animal services
    • Assisting owners in reclaiming animals and dropping off stray animals, by appointment
    • Dog bite support
    • Supporting pet owners who are unable to care or resources for their animals as a result of COVID-19
    • Offering information on animal shelter health and wellness at Shelter Health Pro
    • Offering support and options through our 310-SPCA call centre

    Life-threatening animal emergencies and reports of animal cruelty or neglect should continue to be referred to 1-833-9ANIMAL or police.

    Pet grooming services are now open in Niagara Falls as a service that provides for the health and welfare of animals.

  • Arenas, Fields, Museums, MacBain and Coronation Centres
    • Niagara Falls History Museum (5810 Ferry St) - Closed
    • MacBain Community Centre (7150 Montrose Rd) - Closed
    • Gale Centre Arena (5152 Thorold Stone Rd)
    • Chippawa Willoughby Arena (9000 Sodom Road) - Closed
    • Coronation 50 Plus Recreation Centre remains closed
  • Bids and Tenders

    Please refer to the Bids and Tenders page for details.

  • Building Inspection Services

    We will continue to schedule building inspections by appointment only.  Request can be made by phone at 905-356-7521 ext. 4285 or 4251, or by email at [email protected].  Any inspections that require the entering of an occupied dwelling under construction will not be scheduled until further notice, however we will log it into the system.  Photos and videos may be accepted at the discretion of the Inspector. Enclosed unoccupied buildings under construction will be inspected only if the floor area to be inspected is vacant.

  • Building Permit Applications

    We will continue to accept all permit applications at this time. All new permit application for signs, pools, decks, sheds, and any other accessory building shall be submitted by email to [email protected].

    All other building permit applications can be physically dropped off at the front of City Hall in the yellow box. Staff will retrieve the application by the end of business day, and after 24 hours will send a confirmation email to the applicant. Be sure to include a contact email and phone number on the application. A follow up email on the status of the application can be sent to [email protected].  Please see https://niagarafalls.ca/city-hall/building/application-forms.aspx for all required forms.

    No in-person appointments will be scheduled at this time, and any requests for meetings will be conducted virtually. All inquiries, will be by phone at extension 4001 or email at: [email protected]. If you any questions relating to existing permit applications please contact the Plan Examiner directly. Without the ability to process in-person payments, all fees prior to the issuance of the permit shall be submitted by cheque through mail to the Building Division at City of Niagara Falls, City Hall with the Building Permit number on the envelope or alternatively submitted at the front of City Hall in the payment black box.

  • By-law Municipal Enforcement Services

    We will continue to investigate by-law complaints, and unsafe conditions.  Request can be made by phone at 905-356-7521 ext. 4253 or 4341 or by email at [email protected].  Any investigations that will require the entering of an occupied building will not proceed, and instead will require the owner or tenant to provide photos and other documentation as necessary.

  • City Council Meetings

    Please view the updated Council Meeting Schedule page for any meeting date updates along along with Agendas, Minutes and Videos.

  • Claims to the City

    Please refer to the Claims to the City Page for details.

  • Committee Meetings

    There are no scheduled committee meetings. As the situation develops we will update the Committee Meeting Schedule.

  • Coronation Centre and Seniors

    Please refer to the Coronation Centre page for details.

  • Emergency Orders Non-compliance Complaints

    Concerns over a non-essential business operating or a gathering occurring in contravention of the emergency orders that were made under the Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act?

    The City of Niagara Falls Municipal By-Law Enforcement team is available to respond to concerns from the public as follows:

    • Every day 8:30 am to 8:30 pm by completing the COVID-19 Complaint Form or by calling 905-356-7521 ext. 4253/4341.
    • After hours, please call Niagara Regional Police Services dispatch line at (905) 688-4111 for further bylaw response and assistance. Do not call 9-1-1.

    Questions? Call Stop the Spread Business Information Line: 1-888-444-3659.

    Should members of the community wish to report any instances of non-compliance with the emergency orders on Niagara Parks property, they can contact Niagara Parks Police dispatch at 905-356-1338, extension 0.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Please refer to the Employment Opportunities page for details.

  • Essential Services

    The City’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has identified that the following essential services will be maintained during this time:

      • Fire Services
      • Transit
      • Burials
      • Water & Sewer Emergency repairs
      • Water Meter Sales to support building occupancy
      • Road Condition Inspection
      • Major Road, Pothole and Trench repairs
      • Winter Maintenance
      • Forestry Emergencies
      • Fleet Emergency and Essential Services Support
      • Limited Building Permit Inspections
      • Construction of Capital Projects (except those that are non-essential relating to parks and recreation)
      • View the FAQ on City Services page for details about any changes to these services.
  • Garbage Services

    For information about your garbage, organics and recycling service, please view the Niagara Region Garbage, Recycling and Organics page.

  • Illegal Dumping

    Illegal dumping is the disposing of material in non-designated areas, such as public roads, ditches, public property, rural areas, vacant lots and in public litter receptacles. It is a crime.

    If you see someone engaged in illegal dumping, please report this activity to Crime Stoppers

    Additional reporting options include:

  • Landfill Services

    View the Niagara Region Landfills site for more information.

  • Libraries

    For more information about the Library, please visit the Niagara Falls Library page.

  • Marriage Cerimonies, Marriage Licences, Business Licensing and Clerk's Services

    Marriage ceremonies are not yet available at this time.   Marriage licences, and Commissioner of Oaths services will be available by appointment only during the RED control zone of the Provincial Framework.   Anyone looking to obtain a Business licence or Lottery/Bingo licences are encouraged to call City Hall at 905-356-7521 ext. 0 for more information.

  • Niagara Health App

    Niagara Health Navigator app has updated its newest release to include two new features related to COVID-19. The content featured in the release includes:

    • COVID-19 Updates: This feature provides patients and the community with the most recent information related to Niagara Health's response to COVID-19 and directives of public health officials.
    • Ontario COVID-19 Screening: This feature links directly to the provincial government's self-assessment tool.

    If you haven't installed the app, the Niagara Health Navigator can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    If you have already downloaded the Niagara Health Navigator, update the app in the App Store or Google Play to view the newest release.

  • Niagara Parks Commission

    For information about Niagara Parks' recreational amenities, please visit the Niagara Parks' website.

  • Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

    For more information, please visit the NPCA website.

  • Noise Restrictions

    The Province of Ontario has lifted noise restriction by-laws to allow deliveries to essential retail operations throughout the day or night.

  • Other Government Programs and Services

    For information on other government programs and services, please contact the following:

  • Parking

    For any Parking and Parking Ticket related items, please visit the Parking Services page for full details.

  • Parks, Trails and Outdoor Amenities
    • Most green spaces in parks and trails remain open, but visitors must continue to practice social/physical distancing.
    • Tobogganing is available at F.H. Leslie Park and Firemen’s Park, weather permitting.  Visitors are reminded to stay on designated hills, wear helmets, and practice social distancing.
    • All playgrounds and outdoor exercise equipment are open, weather permitting.  Please note these facilities are not regularly cleaned or sanitized.
    • Athletic fields are closed for the season.
    • Oakes Park walking track will be open daily from dusk to dawn, weather permitting.  The track surface will not be cleared of snow.  A portable washroom is available adjacent to the track for public use.
    • Select basketball and tennis courts will remain open for winter, weather permitting.
    • By-law enforcement will continue to enforce gatherings larger than the current regulation set by the Province.
    • By request from the Niagara Regional Police (NRP) Chief of Police, Municipal Enforcement staff will continue to enforce Municipal By-laws, and monitor and disperse any public gatherings observed throughout the City. Complaints regarding social gatherings more than 5 people on public or private property can be reported to the COVID-19 Complaint Form.
  • Paying Bills

    Questions regarding paying property taxes, please visit Property Taxes page.

    For water accounts, please visit the Water Information page.

    Any questions regarding deferral of the Municipal Accommodation Tax remittance payments, please visit Municipal Accommodation Tax page.

  • Planning Processes

    The following Planning processes will be available only by email or telephone (905-356-7521):

  • Price Gouging

    The Provincial government has issued an emergency order that retail businesses and individuals in Ontario cannot charge unfair prices for necessary goods.

    Individual offenders can face a ticket of $750, or, if summoned to court and convicted, could face a maximum penalty of a $100,000 fine and one year in jail. If convicted, a company director or officer could face a fine of up to $500,000 and up to a year in jail, and a corporation could face a fine of up to $10 million.

    Consumers can report an individual who is price gouging by filing a complaint at 1-800-889-9768 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, or by filing a report online.

  • Property Tax Assessments

    The Ontario government has announced that the 2020 Assessment Update has been postponed. They have indicated that property assessments for the 2021 property tax year will continue to be based on the fully phased-in January 1, 2016 current values. For more information, visit the MPAC 2020 Assessment Update.

  • Service Requests and After Hours Service

    Emergency bylaw enforcement and investigation services continue for emergency orders and in response to unsafe conditions, including:

    • no heat
    • no water
    • boarding of vacant properties
    • illegal dumping

    If you are experiencing an urgent after-hours water or sewer issue, please contact our Service Centre directly at 905-356-1355.

  • Sidewalk Cafes and Outdoor Patios

    Dining at restaurants both indoors and outdoors is prohibited during the shutdown period (December 26th to January 23rd).  Take-out options are permitted, but Sidewalk Cafés shall be closed during this period

    For information regarding licensing and applications around Sidewalk Cafes and Outdoor patios, visit the Sidwalk Cafes and Outdoor Patios Planning page for details.

  • Temporary Lawn Signs to identify those working from home

    Temporary lawn signs to identify those working from home can be erected, but only during the period effected by the Province's Emergency Orders.

    Under City of Niagara Falls Sign By-law 2008-224, as amended, various types of signs can be erected in residential areas. The Sign By-law provides for a Temporary Sign which is defined as "a sign anchored to the ground but erected for a limited period of time." For the period of time effected by the Provincial Emergency Orders regarding COVID-19 only, the following rules will apply for temporary lawn signs to identify those working from home :

    • A Temporary Sign may be erected on a residential property which contains the name of the business located within the dwelling unit and the address.
    • The owner/operator of the business must reside in the dwelling unit as per the regulations of Home Occupation.
    • The Temporary Sign must not exceed the size of a "real estate sign" which is prescribed to have a maximum sign area of 0.5 square metres (approximately 24 inches X 30 inches) in a residential zone.
    • The Temporary Sign is allowed only for the time period the Provincial emergency order is in place, and must be removed upon the expiration of the emergency order, as may be extended from time to time.
    • A sign permit is not required to erect a Temporary Sign.
    • The sign must be located 1.5 m from any property line so it does not pose a safety hazard by blocking visibility or by causing a physical blockage of movement of people or vehicles.
    • Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers will respond on a complaint basis during this time period only to issues pertaining to public safety.
  • Tourism

    For more information about Tourism information and the COVID-19 response, visit the Niagara Falls Tourism page for up to date resources.

  • Transit

    Niagara Falls Transit is committed to keeping its customers and staff safe. Enhanced cleaning procedures are being implemented for transit.  For full details, see the COVID-19 Transit Service Updates page.

  • Vaccine Program Rollout Information

    Don't call Niagara Region Public Health or your health care provider to ask about COVID-19 vaccine clinic information or being put on a wait list. The provincial government leads the COVID-19 vaccine program rollout.

    For more details, visit the Niagara Region’s COVID Vaccination page, or the Province of Ontario’s Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine in Ontario for Ontario’s Three-Phase Vaccine Distribution Plan.


  • Water and Sewer
    • All regular water and wastewater maintenance programs are continuing as usual, including main sewer cleaning, hydrant flushing and valve maintenance.
    • Do your part! Be a good neighbour and clear a path around fire hydrants and drainage catchbasins.
    • The Water Meter Replacement Program will resume per regular schedule. Properties will be contacted by Neptune Technology Group regarding any scheduled appointments.
    • Water and sewer emergencies continue to be handled by Environmental Services crews. Please call 905-356-1355 for 24/7service.
    • City staff are reminding residents to only flush waste and toilet paper to avoid blockages and other service disruptions.
      • The list of non-flushables includes baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, paper towel, tissue, floss, diapers, condoms, feminine hygiene products, kitty litter, and kitchen waste. Even so-called flushable wipes should not be sent down the toilet, as they don't actually break down properly.
      • Please also remember fats, oils and grease (FOG) poured down the sink or toilet, congeal and clog sewer lines.
      • All of the above could lead to raw sewage backing up in your home or your neighbour's home, causing damage and potentially displacing those who live there.