Facility Rental Agreement

  1. The Permit Holder is required to have the Permit available for inspection on the dates(s) and time(s) specified in the Permit.
  2. The Permit Holder must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of the booking and present in the Facility during the permitted time. Any person in the Facility under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult/or Permit holder at all times.
  3. The City reserves the right to limit or refuse usage of facilities at the discretion of the Director of Recreation & Culture.
  4. The Permit Holder is responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons using the Facility pursuant to the Permit and shall ensure all Terms and Conditions contained in the Permit are observed. Vandalism, littering, abusive behavior and language, interference with other City facilities and alcohol use without a license shall be deemed as a just cause to cancel the Permit or deny future permit applications.
  5. Payment for all room rentals must be received, in full, by a minimum of one week prior to the Permit date. With bookings within seven days of rental, payment must be made in full at time of booking.
  6. A $50 refundable deposit (cash or cheque) must be received before a key will be released to a Permit holder. The money will not be refunded until the key is returned and the facility deemed to be in an acceptable state by City staff. CORONATION CENTRE ONLY
  7. If a key for the facility is required, its use may only be permitted as outlined in the Permit. A $50 fee will be charged for lost or misplaced keys. CORONATION CENTRE ONLY
  8. The City shall not be liable to any Permit Holder in the event that the Facility is not available at the start time as set out in the Permit due to the use of the Facility by a prior Permit Holder. In such an event the start time and end time will be adjusted accordingly.
  9. The Permit Holder is required to have a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000.00 per occurrence naming the City as additional insured. Such insurance shall not be cancellable except on prior notice to the City. A copy of the insurance certificate shall be delivered to the City prior to 21 days prior to the start date set out in the Permit.
  10. All cancellations must be submitted to the City of Niagara Falls in writing.
      Tournament/event ice/floor usage to be confirmed 30 days in advance of event.
      Remaining payment is due the day of the tournament/event.
      No refund will be given upon 10 or less days cancellation notice (whole or partial permit)
      Playoffs exempt from the 10 day cancellation notice.
      No refund will be given upon 10 or less days cancellation notice (whole or partial permit).
  11. Persons using the Facility pursuant to the Permit shall not be allowed access to areas outside the Facility unless such areas are open to the public during the rental period.
  12. The Permit shall not be assigned or transferred whatsoever.
  13. Unless otherwise set out in the Permit, the Permit Holder shall be solely responsible for providing all first aid supplies and any specific emergency services required as a result of the nature of the use of the Facility by the Permit Holder.
  14. The Permit Holder shall remove all articles, goods, equipment, event supplies and decorations from the Facility immediately following the conclusion of the event, and shall be responsible for any costs incurred by the City as a result of a false alarm caused by any person in the Facility for the purpose of the Permit.
  15. The City is not responsible for damages, loss or theft of equipment or clothing of any Permit Holder or their invitees. Please secure your valuables.
  16. The Permit Holder shall be responsible for costs associated with damages arising from the use of the Facility by all users and invitees during their permitted times.
  17. Sale of refreshments, food and beverages and other items on City property is prohibited unless otherwise authorized in the Permit.
  18. All fire exits, fire routes and pedestrian walkways must be kept clear at all times. The Permit Holder is responsible for restricting activities to the Facility only. All concerns of safety or otherwise should be reported immediately to a City Staff member.
  19. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in the Facility except where permitted by the issuance of a Special Occasion Permit issued under the authority of the Liquor License Act (Ontario).
  20. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in arena only during special events in the area prescribed on the L.L.B.O. permit, and in accordance with L.L.B.O. regulations, and Municipal Alcohol Policy. Outside alcohol is not permitted in City facilities. Clients risk losing their permits if alcohol is consumed or found in our facilities.
  21. Use of an open flame is subject to the discretion, restriction and prior approval of the Facility manager. This includes but is not limited to candles and ceremonial pots. Sparklers are not permitted.
  22. The throwing of rice and confetti and other food items and the use of decorative sparkles/glitter, etc., is not permitted.
  23. Please respect our facilities. All garbage/recycling should be placed in bags or containers provided. Tables, chairs, counters and floors should be cleared of debris at the completion of the rental. City staff will be responsible for sweeping and mopping the floor and cleaning tables prior to and after the function. Any additional maintenance duties will result in extra charges being levied where extraordinary clean-up is required.
  24. Lottery licenses are only issued to charitable or religious organizations, not private individuals. See www.agco.on.ca for more information.
  25. Games of chance, lottery or gambling is strictly prohibited.
  26. In the case of ice rentals no player, coaches or other official or person associated with the Permit is allowed on the ice until the resurfacing machine has left the ice surface and the doors have been closed. Street shoes are not permitted on the ice surface at any time. All participants must wear approved head gear with the exception of pleasure skating during scheduled recreational skating periods and figure skating programs.
  27. In the case of an ice rental if a scrape or flood is required, the time required will be taken at the beginning of the start time set out in the Permit. It is understood that for the purpose of an ice rental one hour includes fifty (50) minutes of which the ice may be used and ten (10) minutes of maintenance time.
  28. The City provides arena change rooms on the basis of one room per team or one room per 20 adults, to a maximum of 2 rooms per hour of rental time. The City will make every effort to provide access to dressing rooms 30 minutes prior to start time in the Permit.
  29. The Permit Holder agrees to vacate the arena change rooms within 30 minutes of the end time set out in the Permit. Change rooms must be left in a clean and usable condition.
  30. Sports organizations that are licensees of Municipal Facilities will be required to adopt policies that ensure that the City of Niagara Falls Rzone policies are followed by the members and guests of the organization (https://niagarafalls.ca/city-hall/recreation/rzone.aspx for more details).
  31. Individuals who engage in unacceptable behavior, as defined by the Rzone policy, may, depending on the severity, be barred immediately from the premises and if necessary, a suspension for a period of time.
  32. Organizations, Users, and Permit Holders are responsible for the behavior of everyone associated with them including participants, officials, spectators, patrons, parents, guests, etc.
  33. The Permit Holder understands and agrees that the City shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by any person using the Facility for the Event, including sickness or death that occurs as a result of the COVID 19 PANDEMIC and the Permit Holder agrees to release the City from any liability in connection therewith and further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City from any claim that may be made by anyone using the Facility for the Event,  against the City in connection therewith.