Message from the CAO

Niagara Falls... a great city... for generations to come.

Ken Todd - Niagara Falls CAO

Welcome to the City of Niagara Falls website, our window to City Hall and the services we provide. It is our goal is to provide the public with a clear path to access information, provide transparency, and assist to ensure accountability. I invite you to take a few minutes to explore the available resources on our site.

As the Chief Administrative Officer, I am responsible for leading the municipal administration, and providing guidance and advice to Council on the City's fiscal, organizational, and service goals and challenges. The CAO's office is also home to the coordination of Strategic and Corporate Initiatives, responsible for research and development of corporate policy, strategic and corporate planning, corporate communications, special projects, and coordination of interdepartmental projects and initiatives.

I am honoured to work with a progressive Mayor and Council, alongside a very dedicated and talented staff. As a life-long resident of this community, I am inspired to share with you our successes on the road to building this great city. There are many opportunities to seize and we envision a great city for generations to come!

We have embarked on strategic financial planning that includes multi-year financial projections in order to integrate Council-approved financial policies with operating and capital plans. Council's 2015-2018 Strategic Priorities provide the City of Niagara Falls with a blueprint for investment of our expertise, resources, and energy to best meet the needs of our community. These Priorities will help our community move successfully into the future through pursuing key areas of focus and outlining activities for building strength.

Our staff have been part of the planning, development, and building of several strategic resource projects that have enhanced and defined Niagara Falls as a progressive location for business and pleasure. We have been fortunate to provide the citizens of Niagara Falls many community facilities to assist them in their quest to enhance their quality of life such as MacBain Community Centre and YMCA, Gale Centre, Niagara Falls History Museum, WEGO, Boys and Girls Club, Scotiabank Convention Centre, Main Street and Queen Street Redevelopment Projects, and Trails and Bikeways.

City of Niagara Falls staff are committed to enhancing service to our customers through a corporate culture that embraces and rewards our recently adopted corporate values of Accountability, Teamwork, Leadership and Respect. The values are an important step in fostering excellence in public service and towards a fulfilled and empowered municipal employee base. We have refocused our efforts on providing excellent service and have established guiding principles and training programs for our employees integrating our customers service standards. We are committed to upholding these standards, and to improving access to our services.

As we move forward public engagement will be a key priority.  Through initiatives such as Let's Talk Niagara Falls, UserVoice and How Can We Help (Talk to the CAO) you can express your views and become more involved in charting our course to greatness. Achieving our vision is dependant on staff working collaboratively with Council, other levels of government, community partners, and you. It is my pleasure to invite you provide us with feedback about our service - it helps us to monitor our performance and improve our services.

I am proud to live and work here leading a team of over 500 employees who strive to make Niagara Falls a great city... for generations to come!